The Cheshire Saffron Company is a family business run by brothers Dr Peter Gould (an active researcher in Plant Molecular Biology) and Douglas Gould (business sales and marketing) based in the heart of Cheshire growing award winning English Saffron. Our production of British saffron started many years ago out of curiosity and interest, first growing English saffron in a basic hydroponics setup in my fathers shed before moving to a full hydroponics hothouse. During these years Peter experimented with many variables in growing British saffron, altering nutrients, lighting and temperature amongst many other things to fully understand the optimal growing conditions for saffron production. Since 2015 we have been growing our English saffron in a field chosen for the best position for growing this amazing crop.

Both Peter and Douglas are avid food lovers, frustrated by the scarcity of high quality food products such as saffron. Saffron is the jewel in the crown of all spices and has been throughout history for well over three millennia. Alexander the Great used it as a curative for battle wounds, Cleopatra bathed in it for its sensual properties and the Ancient Greeks perfumed their halls with its enticing aroma. In Rome the streets were sprinkled with its red and gold filaments when emperor Nero entered the city.

Our passion, labour of love for this delicate flower and scientific expertise has enabled us to nourish and grow the most potent, vibrant, flavoursome and aromatic English Saffron you will find anywhere......

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