Saffron Recipes to try:

NOTE: Our British grown saffron is much stronger than most on sale so advised to use less than normally recommended in recipes.

1.Saffron glazed scallops with Apple and pistachio

This was originally on a BBC recipe which I cooked. It takes a little bit of prep but is well worth it. Scrummy food!! Can be made as a nice starter or alternatively served alongside rice or couscous to make a complete meal.

2.Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall Saffron recipes (The Guardian)

Haven’t cooked these yet but the recipes sound delicious. 

3.Thomasina Miers Catalan Fish Stew

In this recipe the saffron is optional but why not add a little opulance to this dish. The saffron flavours are perfect with fish and has been a complimentary partner through time. If you love fish then this dish is a must. 

4.James Martin Lamb Shank Tagine with Tabouleh 

A lovely meat dish with a nice kick of spice. If cooking with saffron you definately need to try a lamb tagine which I reckon is my most favourite dish to cook with our lovely Cheshire Saffron. The saffron works wonderfully well with honeys and dried fruits such as apricots and figs and therefore is a perfect match for a lovely tagine!

5.Ruby Tandoh British Bakeoff Chocolate, almond praline and saffron opera cake

Something for the sweet toothed. I havn't personally cooked saffron with desserts but it is something that should work brilliantly. Because of the floral sweet undertones of the saffron it is a fantastic spice to any sweet dish such as ice cream, cake or the SaffronCornish bun.

6.James Martin Saffron Cake

The previous recipe feeds nicely into this by James Martin Cornish Saffron Cake a true classic and a must for anyone wanting to give saffron a try. 

7. Saffron Gin (Simples!!!)

If you like gin you have to try saffron gin, very simple to make and fantastic with tonic and a slice of lime. A little info from flavourseeker.

8. Saffron Custard Tart (Who said you have to use saffron in rice!)

A lovely dessert a must try. Stunning!

9. Vivek Singh Kashmiri Biryani

Love a good Biryani!!!