Our award winning British saffron contains only the vivid red stigmas (no yellow styles). We painstakingly harvest and process the saffron by hand, delicately extracting 3 saffron strands per flower, before individually removing the yellow styles. We only sell from the current harvest. We are 2 star Great Taste Award winners 2017. 

Our Saffron contains very high levels of the Saffron active chemicals Saffranal (aroma), Crocin (colour) and Picocrocin (flavour). It is ISO:3632 grade 1 (the highest quality Saffron).

Where we are based

Nestled in the hills of the mid Cheshire sandstone ridge, in an area of outstanding natural beauty, we have sourced the perfect location for our prized spice with well-drained, sloping, sandy soils. We have sourced the finest Crocus corm and ensured we have precisely the right soil pH and balance of nutrients to produce the most exquisite saffron.

“Our passion has become an obsession”. We have used meticulous levels of detail and years of experimentation to ensure our Saffron is perfect in every way (Douglas Gould quote).